Katerina Bobkova’s new shawl pattern is proving very popular this spring. The free pattern requires only three colorways of yarn, or you can knit it in a solid color. This shawl pattern is perfect for beginners or veteran knitting alike.

magic spring shawl patternThe hardest part in planning a multi-colored shawl is choosing pleasing yarn colorways. I was able to find five skeins of Manos del Uruguay “Serena” on Etsy at a savings of $30, so I’m using the “bosenberry” colorway and two other yarns from my stash for the Magic Spring Shawl. For more information about shawl knitting and even more interesting free patterns, please click here.

K.Bobkova photo.

You probably thought I’d forgotten, frogged, or fallen off the edge of the earth after my post, “two free shawl patterns”, re: the Holden Shawlette free knitting pattern, at the end of July. What with an earthquake, a hospitalization, a wedding and a hurricane, it’s a near wonder, not one of those “3 f’s” failed to happen.  Please read more…