One heavy gardenia

In New England, it’s time to move those heavy ficus trees and pet plants outside to their sunny summer spots. For those gardeners who are not so strong, it’s an ordeal every season. Since I found the Pot Mover, I no longer have to bribe one of our sons to help. It’s  one of the best garden tools I’ve found in a long time and also makes a great Father’s Day gift or birthday present. (more…)

When the bluebirds come back and the maple syrup starts to run, with bright sunny days, you’ll want to get outside for a while and take care of March garden chores. (Autumn care included as well.)

Yesterday, I did just that, raked up a few leaves and found these: // Pretty slim pickins’, signs of spring are hard to find these days.
But then continued on to the perennial vine, one of many in this garden, clematis, and the rose bush that it grows through. (more…)

Princess Diana was a breath of fresh air, not only to the British monarchy, but to the world, indeed. Young and beautiful, she cast a spell on the ancient dowdiness of the monarchy and hustled it into the 21st century, almost, tragically leaving us in August 1997.wordpress analytics

It was the night after our daughter’s garden wedding and I remember it all too well. (more…)