One heavy gardenia

In New England, it’s time to move those heavy ficus trees and pet plants outside to their sunny summer spots. For those gardeners who are not so strong, it’s an ordeal every season. Since I found the Pot Mover, I no longer have to bribe one of our sons to help. It’s  one of the best garden tools I’ve found in a long time and also makes a great Father’s Day gift or birthday present. The Pot Mover will save you many aches and pains when moving heavy garden pots around in the spring and make you “Active Forever.”

It’s like a handcart, but for plants, with big fat wheels, you can easily move up to 150 lb pots, like the gardenia. It has a lever that moves up and down the pole to secure into the lip of the pot or shrub container when planting . Easy to use and a real back-saving garden tool, a hand cart for gardeners.