A knitting pattern for a warm earflap balaclava hat with a monkey face and ears—

Sock monkey stuffed animal toys have been around since Victorian times, believe it or not. Victoriana became enraptured by monkeys and their exotic world in the 1890’s. When the Rockland, Illinois wool work sock factory started making socks with red heels, that’s how the arts and crafts creation got his red mouth and behind.

Rockland still celebrates a “Sock Monkey Festival” in the 21st century.

Last winter when my granddaughter’s middle school friends latched onto the sock monkey hat craze,  I designed this sock monkey hat knitting pattern with earflaps for Charlotte, who is  eleven years old. The pattern has now been knitted for adults, teens, and children alike.

Cheeky sock monkey hat pattern

Char, who’s called “Chuck” by her buddies, thought it was grand, comfortable and warm with its red interlining and toasty earflaps. She wore it on the day she had safety patrol duty and had to stand outside in the cold.

Charlotte on Safety Patrol

The ears and mouth are made separately and sewn on. The sock monkey hat is knit on larger needles, so its a fairly quick project and will bring a lot of joy to your children and grandchildren.

Sock monkey hat knitting pattern

The Cheeky Sock Monkey hat with earflaps knitting pattern is available on Ravelry.