As a beginner sock knitter, just this summer, these strawberry socks were a breeze, using a free easy sock pattern I wanted to share with you. If you are wondering what knitting socks is like, how to turn the heel, graft the toe, and afraid to try, don’t be. This is a great beginner sock pattern that still has enough stitch definition, really doesn’t look like a first attempt at knitting socks, does it? Well, it’s the pattern, not the knitter, for sure.

Socks are a wonderful knitting technique, easy to learn, mesmerizing and addicting needlework….

The pattern by Adrienne Ku is called Simple Skyp Sock which is a free download on Ravelry. Adrienne’s explanation for turning the heel is so easy and a great introduction for first time knitters of sox.

There are only two rows of pattern stitch and the “skype” as Adrienne has dubbed it, makes the pattern interesting and not so blah! as plain stockinette socks. The pattern is available in size medium and large men’s and will make a great gift for hubby, grandpa, or boyfriend’s birthday or holiday giving. Problem is, once they grow accustomed to hand knit socks, they won’t want to wear anything else. You don’t need any elastic, as sock yarn has a springy texture and the ribbing cast on keeps the sock up.

Because the yarns were different textures, for this strawberry pair, I used a size US 2 needle, and the large size pattern. So check the gauge of your yarn and decide, what the correct notions and pattern size is for you.

Socks are a great traveling companion, small and portable. You can knit while you commute to work, on the bus, train, or plane. At the beach or at a ballgame, you’ll be knitting socks right out of your purse.

To close the toe, you will need to learn the Kitchener stitch, and I’ve found this great video on YouTube that explains the grafting of the toe in a simple way to understand. Every time I need to graft any knitting project, I always return to this video. There are many videos on YouTube which describe the Kitchener stitch and how to graft the toe, but this one has a singsong theme, which makes remembering the stitching easier, AND there are no ads. Kitchener Stitch how to video. You will need a yarn sewing needle and two double points with an even number of end stitches on each needle.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me, spwatt at cox dot net. I know you will love knitting socks. For another super easy beginner sock pattern on larger needles with DK yarn, check out this free sock pattern.