We’ve always been big watermelon fans…partly because watermelons are so refreshingly tasty in the summertime, and often, a nickname for our Watterson family.

I do remember sitting on my grandmother’s back steps with the rest of my cousins in the summer time, eating watermelon and spitting the seeds in the garden. Granny always “toted one home”, as she called it, on Fridays, after sewing upholstery in the furniture factory. It’s a wonder there wasn’t a watermelon farm growing in Granny’s backyard. Simple pleasures and great memories.

Baby watermelons

Recently, with a new baby in our North Carolina family, I have knit two new watermelon hats, different from the one I made ten years ago for Baby Charlotte, our first grandchild. Free baby watermelons here, a hat pattern

Baby Watermelon Hat Knitting Pattern

Baby Watermelon Hat

This one is knit with two strands which makes it an easy and quick one sitting project.

Materials used: 1 skein Rowan Pure Cotton, pink, using 2 strands, a few yards of spring green and white, small amount of black for seeds.

CO 54 stitches on size 8 or 9, 16″ circular needle, using two strands of DK. I used cotton in three colors, join stitches in the round and place a marker at the beginning of the round. Spring green for the ribbing, K1, P1 for 3 rows, then knit all rounds in white for three rows. Change to the main color pink and knit until hat measures 4.5 inches from the CO.

First decrease row: K7, K2tog to marker. Knit around one row. Second decrease row, K6, K2tog to marker. Knit around a row. Continue decreasing in this manner, until you have 3 stitches left for i-cord knit on a dp needle. (You will knit 2tog to leave three st.) You will have to change to appropriate size dp needles when needed.. Make i-cord about 3.5 to 4 inches and tie a knit in the top. Using bit of black, make seeds using three straight stitches and weave into back of hat. Finished width is 14″ unstretched and 16″ stretched. Will fit a 6 month to 18 month old baby.