Thought I would update the blog to include several free baby and toddler knitting and crochet patterns that I have recently written about on and as Sharon Watterson, Knitting in Providence. Rarely do I write about anything other than free patterns, so please subscribe, if you haven’t already. Rose bonnet pattern for little girls and Monster face pants or longies for girls and boys. InfoBarrel subjects are varied, but there are many knitting and crochet patterns there, too.

Remember Cranky Pants, a book for children, by Stephen Sanzo and Matt Whitlock, copyrighted in 2005? Just recently posted, a free pattern for these Monster pants, longies to fit baby and toddler -possibly the inspiration for crankypants, they are most amusing — Das Monster face butt pants design by Hrönn Jónsdóttir, who also created the previously posted Strawberry Baby Booties everyone loves. Read the story of how Hronn discovered and eventually wrote the pattern for these monster face pants.

The top down Princess Caroline baby sweater knitting pattern is a lovely vintage baby knitting pattern used by Princess Grace and published in Woman’s Day in 1951, shared with me by a gracious knitter on

Many vintage knitting and crochet patterns for baby are so very sweet, but take hours upon hours to knit as they are knit or crocheted in a smaller gauge with tiny needles. Some years ago, I came upon a vintage knitting and crochet pattern book by Columbia Minerva, which used a US size 6 needle and sport or DK yarn. Hence, a vintage look baby layette with a modern gauge. Easy and quick baby patterns with a vintage look. I have published these patterns online in a five part series, where you will also find the Get Ready for Baby! series and the Princess Grace Top Down Baby Sweater for Princess Caroline. There are booties, blankets, bonnets, hats, and sweaters, both knitted and crocheted. I think you will enjoy knitting and crocheting these easy and quick patterns for the new baby layette.