Just finished this circular vest. It’s an easy, free knitting pattern once offered by Elann.com you can knit with no problem and it’s fun to do. The free pattern is available here for personal use only.

Looks rather like a bull’s eye, doesn’t it?

This one is made from Noro Aya, which is self-striping, mostly cotton, has a little silk and wool in it. Very soft wearable yarn. I used No. 2. Know how knitters love to view the different colorways, so I have included them below. It’s a little like eating ice cream!

Here’s a better look at my favorite colors:

#2, which I used in this circular vest

this is number 4

this is number 8

This was made for a gift, so I sent the color chart for Aya to my daughter before I ordered the yarn. Naturally the one she chose was unavailable everywhere I looked…out of stock. I finally lucked out and found it on yarnoutlet at Etsy and at a discount. Yippee!

The yarn is easiest Noro I’ve found to work with, and I used a size 9 circular needle, since knitting gauge is not a big issue in this pattern. Noro Aya calls for a size 7.
Getting started for me was a little fidgety, but any knitter can master the start in just a few tries.

This circular vest is knit in the round, duh, and has no seams, it’s light and airy and just the thing for evening summer barbecues when you feel a little chilly. It has a lot of swing and movement to the drape and can be worn longer or move the ‘collar’ back for a shorter look.

It’s knit in one size, so if you have a broader back, just make the armholes more rows apart, visualize as the rings of a tree. Knit more rings before you start the armholes for more width, less for smaller backs.

I made this one for our daughter’s birthday. It is finished with a little picot edge, which takes a while to do, because when you finish the circle, there are about 600 stitches on your needle, I didn’t count them, but there are an awful lot.

So there you have it, the circular vest free knitting pattern is no longer on Elan’s site, but I downloaded way back, use these links to print out the four pages. I apologize, don’t know how to combine in one download. There are some water stains on a few pages, but the pattern is still viable as stated by Elann, for personal use only. Just click on the page number and that link will lead you to the download and click again for printable copy or copy and paste. Please don’t ask me to send via email.Ā  Please send me photos of your finished circular vest and I’ll post them.

Please click on the individual links, then click again and print out each page.

Page one circular vest
Page two circular vest
Page three circular vest
Page four circular vest