These are just the cutest strawberry baby booties, with little crocheted flowers and will be the hit of any baby shower. They will fit a baby 0-3 months and can be knitted in cotton or a wool blend, when the gauge of the yarn is the same. This free knitting pattern is an original by Hrönn Jónsdóttir, Knit Strawberry Baby Booties.

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Strawberry Baby Booties free pattern

* 1 skein green 4 ply yarn
* 1 skein red 4 ply yarn
* bits of yellow and white yarn
* Size 2-3 US needle
* crochet hook to gauge
gauge is 8.25 st to the inch

CO 60 stitches with green , join in the round and mark start of round.
Row 1 – P
Row 2 – K
Row 3 – P
Row 4 – k1, k2tog, (k2, k2tog)x6, (k1, k2tog)x2, (k2, k2tog)x6, k1, k2tog (44 sts left on needles)
Rows 5-25 – k2, p2
Row 26 – *yo, k2tog*, repeat *-* to end
Rows 27-28 – k2, p2
Row 29 – k
Change to red
Rows 30-31 – k

For the next section of the pattern, you only work the first 14 stitches of the round, back and forth.
Row 32 – S1, k13, turn
Row 33 – S1, p13, turn
Repeat these two rows 10 more times

Row 52 – S1, k13, do not turn

Row 53 – From the right side, pick up and knit 10 stitches along the edge of the piece just knitted, knit 30 stitches, pick up and knit 10 stitches along the second edge. Place marker to mark start of round. You will now work in the round again.

Rows 54-55 – p (in round 54, when you purl the stitches you picked up and knit in round 53, it’s a good idea to purl them through the back loops, to avoid holes)

Rows 56-57 – k
Rows 58-59 – p
Rows 60-61 – k
Rows 62-63 – p
Rows 64-65 – k

Now, place stitches 1-14 stitches (toe) and stitches 33-46 (heel) on pieces of scrap yarn.

18 stitches are left on each side. Knit the last 18 stitches of the round back and forth in garter stitch, for 9 ridges. End with a wrong side row (18 rows).

From the wrong side, graft the 18 stitches together with the 18 stitches from the other side.


Place the toe/heel stitches on a needle and with another needle, pick up 10 stitches along the garter stitch edge. At the beginning of next 4 rows, knit one stitch from the toe/heel stitches together with the first stitch from the sole. 10 stitches are now left on toe/heel section, graft these together with the 10 sole stitches..

*Instead of using this method, you can simply cast off the toe/heel stitches and sew the edge to the sole. However, that will result in a smaller and more square shaped baby bootie.

With yellow yarn and a tapestry needle, sew ‘seeds’ on the bootie. You could also use beads.

Make a 6 in (15cm) long i-cord with green yarn and thread into the holes in the ‘yo, k2tog’-row.

Crochet flowers:
Make 4 ch and connect in the round with a sl st.
Round 1 – 8 sc into the circle
Round 2 – 3 ch and fasten with sl st to sc from round 1, 7 times
Round 3 – 4 sc into each ch st arch, 1 sl st in sc from round 1.

Using a tapestry needle, sew with yellow yarn into the center of the flower. Sew the flower onto the front of the bootie.