Winsor Tyrolean Sweater

This design by Louise is one I have made in all different sizes, great for little baby boy gifts. Knits on a size seven needle. However, that being said, this one is a size 42…..The Winsor Tyrolean pattern calls for sweater to be knit in pieces and I knit it in the round, much quicker. Here are some instructions particular to this adult Tyrolean pattern for how to knit on circular needles.

Knitting in the round on circular needles is very easy and quick, as all you do is the knit stitch with stockinette patterns. After you have cast on your stitches, join the row, with all your stitch loops on the inside of the circle, place a marker, green in the photo, for the end of the row and knit around.

knitting with circular needles


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

Winsor Tyrolean Sweater – Knitting with circular needles

Oh, and I included an Olympic Rings Hat, my own pattern, as the rings are knitted into the hat, not double-stitched after. It’s made with two strands of Jaeger 4 ply alpaca, and similar to the one Lindsey Vonn wore when she won the women’s downhill in the 2010 Olympics, which was a boys’ Ralph Lauren machine made hat.

Alpaca Olympic Rings Hat 2010